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We will reveal the beauty of Monferrato, a Piedmont area rich in charm, culture, and culinary delicacies.

What about a castle? Historical residences and castles host weddings, they often make suggestive garden corners, private chapels and large halls for blessing and reception available to spouses and guests.

A medieval castle, in its austere magnificence, will conquer all the guests, immediately transporting them to the dreamlike atmospheres of the past and fairy tales.

Or rural inspirations: a farmhouse in the heart of the hills or of the countryside, which will frame your wedding with natural charm.

An old mill, an old farmhouse, an elegant rustic villa will enhance the country charm of your wedding.

And what if it were a relay, a scenic location that will carry everyone in a deluxe dimension? Pampered by pools with spas, relaxation areas and every kind of service your guests will experience a unique and unrepeatable experience.

An oasis of peace, a perfect mix of comfort and nature, in contact with suggestive environments, swimming pools, rolling hills.


The disposition of the guests, from creating the tableau marriage, the choice of tables, chairs, tablecloths, and dishes, will be consistent with the culinary content and the desired atmosphere: the choreography of the table will introduce an elegant dinner as well as a rube, will favor the importance or informality and consequently the way of being together.

Food and drinks in harmony with the environment. Chefs and bartenders selected based on their professional qualities and their personalities.

In a marriage, more than ever, the eye wants its part neither more nor less of the palate, and who is the master is the climate that you want to determine.

Flower Design

The flowers represent the soul projection of the bride and her companion, friendly, determined, cheerful, intimate, elegant.
In harmony with the floral arrangements, our commitment is aimed to create each time a unique and spectacular context, not necessarily at disproportionate cost, but always such as to give a special touch and soul to their event, which remains imprinted in its protagonists and their guests: original accessories, vintage or designer suit sitting, benches, light fittings, lamps for indoor and outdoor, gazebo, with strict attention to color and light, day and night.

Additional Services

All collaborations will respond to the critical need to feel the spirit of each event and its protagonists: couture, jewelry, photography, hairdressing, make-up, movies, party favors will not be meteors, but members of a team. No less than the recommended opportunities, you want to make personalized gifts to newlyweds, you want to address small details and big guests, so that everyone is involved and, needless to say, happy.